Paula is a great life coach. Since working together, Paula has helped me focus on a couple of aspects of my life that needed attention. However, not only did she help me refocus on that area, but she also helps incorporate the other areas of my life and helped link them together so you can see how each area of your life relates to each other. In doing this, she helped me learn some valuable lessons about how confidence and perspective can change the way I view life. Also how intention, action, and persistence will change life accordingly. I would highly recommend Paula to anyone who thinks they would benefit from a life coach. Life is too short, you should do it soon. Good Luck! -Zoey

Paula's coaching has had a powerful and positive impact on my life in just a few short weeks. Through honest and open discussions with Paula, and her ability to effectively listen, reflect and guide me through some thought-changing processes, she has helped me to move forward in many areas of my life where I had previously felt stagnant. Paula holds up a mirror to show me the truth and authenticity of my own image, and through that method, she has helped me find the clarity I was looking for on my professional path, the openness I needed to shift my approach to personal relationships, and the confidence to trust myself as I face many important decisions in life. -Donna

Right from the start Paula made me feel like an old friend. I immediately felt comfortable discussing my hopes and dreams without fear of judgment or dismissal. Working with Paula has been a joy and a blessing. She has helped me to focus on the small steps necessary to make the big changes in my life possible. Thank you so very much Paula. -S. Brenner

I had such an amazing coaching experience with Paula. I was very pleasantly surprised when she coached me. The way she intuited the questions and picked up on who I am at a soul level was amazing. The feeling was one of a real soul connection, not something that I had found in most other coaching experiences. I'm happy we made a connection and wish you much success. -Mindy