Paula's coaching process/model involves an interactive, interpersonal approach to coaching, incorporating the core competencies of the International Coach Federation. Asking is the first step and includes getting to know the new client by understanding his or her beliefs, values and goals. The next step is Listening, the foundation of coaching. Listening is hearing what the client is saying, and at a deeper level, what the client is not saying. Paula always asks questions relating to the background of the situation because she prefers to coach within a context.

Following Listening, Paula provides Feedback and Reframing to make sure she understands what the client is expressing. Within this process is the building of trust and rapport which will solidify the coaching relationship and make the coaching process successful for the client. Then, she Listens again; this time, she listens for adjectives, verbs, adverbs, tone and vocal quality (phone coaching) which give clues relative to the heart of the matter. From there, she Challenges the client with Deeper or Bold Questions and uses Tools including Role Playing, Humor, List Making and Guided Imagery to Create Awareness in the client.

At this point, the client is often ready to make plans and take actions to reach goals. Paula Acknowledges Actions - those planned, those undertaken and those completed. And finally, having created a positive supportive coaching environment, Paula endeavors to Inspire clients to greater Action and Change.